Combining Art And Architecture For Greater Benefits

It is indeed true that mankind needs habitat for their shelter. People wish to offer a creative touch to the architectural structures built by construction engineers or architects. Thus people decorate buildings and living space with certain artistic elements of their choice. In the past, there was a close relationship between architecture and various art forms like painting, sculpture, etc. In recent years art and architecture are being looked like a separate entity. One of the main reason for this separation is the construction cost. Industrial architects in many cities can help you in offering decorative designs for your buildings. Here you would find the importance of integrating art and architecture.

In the ancient days of several cultures of East and West architectural and art were intertwined. There were strong historical proofs for the same. In the European Gothic and Baroque periods, there was a close association with art architecture, and this can be witnessed in the ancient architecture. Only in recent years, there was a sudden decline in the use of art in architecture. The following are some of the important reason for this separation.

The Actual Reason For Separation

With the development of science and technology, architecture started to get separated from other elements like culture, art, etc. Thus the modern world was not ready to accept qualities that do not meet of the structural requirements. Thus artistic expressions were eliminated from the construction of a building. Thus as architecture was integrated with art, it suffered from visual deficiencies. Buildings were treated as elements of a real estate business, and it lacked expressionism. This led to the construction of an uninspiring building that failed to stimulate the environment.

The economy was the other reason for the separation of art and architecture. Buildings were constructed only with a business perspective, and it lacked artistic importance. It is rare to find buildings were architecture and art are integrated. Architecture lost its humanism as it moved to the modern architecture trends

Need Of Integrating Art and Architecture

In the present architectural world, there is a need for artistic beauty for buildings constructed. Creating a humanizing structure with subliminal qualities is essential. Thus urban environments require buildings with an artistic touch. Art must be included as a part of education with architecture. Architects avoid the use of art in buildings as construction cost gets increased. It would be a great idea to offer opportunities to local communities to collaborate with architects for achieving artistic embellishment in buildings. Several themes of artworks like murals, paintings, mosaic, sculptures must be offered to the local communities through community meetings.

Artistic decoration plays a vital role in the identity of a building. Architecture has much more to offer to the society with artistic decorations and sculptures. Architectural students should be taught of the importance of art, and it should be included as a part of their studies. This would help in the construction of buildings with an artistic perspective.

Thus it is essential to integrate art with architecture and create buildings with a human touch that influence the society.

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