Importance Of Eating Healthy Foods

Various factors influence our health condition and our eating habit is one among them. We, the modern human beings, eat food as per our convenience, without sticking to a good diet plan or any dining schedule. Life has become very fast that people are least bothered about their eating habits unless they are bothered by some significant health problems.

In an attempt to shed excess weight, we end up avoiding certain ingredients, which are very good for our health. Therefore, we make our health condition worse than before rather than getting healthier. Every mineral or nutrient is essential for our body, be it minerals or proteins or carbohydrates or vitamins, or even fat. Each of these nutrients plays a significant role in improving your physical and mental health.

Wrong Eating Habits And Its Effects

The first impact of eating wrong food option is gaining excess fat or body weight in a relatively shorter period. Next line of problems might include heart diseases, diabetes, low weight, abnormal blood pressure and weak bones and poor brain development. This is why we should eat proper food anytime and any day.

Definition of Healthy Eating

Many people think that healthy eating is all about eating boiled rice and vegetables, fatless food or eating in low quantity. Healthy eating means eating nutritious food in the right quantity and at the right time. In the plan of healthy eating, we do not completely avoid fat or excessively eat the proteins or fats. Kids should be given a variety of foods because they in the process of mental and physical development.

Reasons For Eating Healthy Foods

  • By eating healthy foods, our body receives all the essential nutrients. Our body receives the optimal level of energy to do the daily task. Your body will not receive these benefits if you eat food anything as you wish.
  • By eating healthy food, our growth hormones will get stimulated, so will experience healthy aging.
  • Healthy foods help our body organs to function properly.
  • Our immune systems are enhanced by taking healthy foods, thereby minimizing the chances of falling sick.
  • Avoiding fat altogether is a big mistake. There are two types of fat – good fat and bad fat. We should take the right amount of food that is rich in good fat, which will reduce the risk of various diseases.
  • Healthy food helps us to maintain right body weight, without making us feel tired or lack of energy

List Of Nutrients


These nutrient are essential for building new tissues and it protects the muscles. Proteins also help to ensure optimal production of various hormones and enzymes. Lack of protein can result in weak muscles. Some of the sources of proteins are fish, meat, pulses, eggs, and soya.


These are a great source of energy for our body. Carbohydrates can increase our metabolic rate and helps us to stay active all day. Taking the right amount of carbohydrates avoids the protein converting into the fat. Some of the food that is rich in carbohydrates are bread, potatoes, and various grains.

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