Top Ten Healthy Foods 2019

If your new resolution is to consume healthy foods, you need to know the list of foods that are healthy and safe to consume.

1. Consume with probiotic and prebiotic bonuses for enhanced gut health

There are several healthy options apart from yogurt if you want gut-healthy probiotics. The Farmer Cheese product is extracted from kefir. It has lots of strains of probiotics. Some of the regular probiotic foods are plain kefir, kimchi, kvass,andkombucha. Do not forget about prebiotics that eats the friendly gut bacteria. Happy Inside Cereal from Kelloggs offers pre and probiotics and additional fiber to enhance gut health.

2. Foods with supportable benefits can benefit your body and also the planet

Many companies are following the mantra ‘do good’. Nowadays, both small and big companies are working on the same mantra. The sustainably sourced eggs remain as the best option as the hens are allowed to roam freely. It, in turn, maintains healthy pastures. It means there will not be any need for harmful chemicals. It is a winning strategy for the environment, animals and also for the egg lovers since pasture-raised eggs contain more minerals and vitamins than the eggs that are produced in various other ways.

3. Convenient superfoods to help you on the go

It is easy to choose and eat healthy foods especially when you are in a hurry. If you do not have time to prepare potato toast, you need to try the last frozen slices launched by the Caulipower. It is easy to prepare. You need to cook in the toaster oven, which just pops and get cooked.

4. Protein powered foods

Protein is the most important nutrient which you should ensure to include in your daily diet. It helps you to keep full for long hours, provides fuel for the workouts and aids to fight the hungry feeling all throughout the day.

5. Milk from various sources

If you searching for plant-based milk, you have a lot of options like soy milk, almond milk, etc. At present, there are several products ranging from banana to hemp to walnut, hazelnut, flaxseed and oat milk. They exist to cater to your daily dietary requirements. People are always crazy to follow a new trend. The plant-based milk is the leading and hottest trend. As it is from various plant-based milk forms, it remains as the best option.

6. Healthy snacks

There is no chance to find classic whole grains in the snack food, pasta,and bread. Think about rice, lentils and pea protein combined in a pasta that is gluten free or sorghum-based pretzels that is again gluten free. People are aware of the importance of whole grain nutrients and they are preferring it more than the refined grains. It is now available in form of packaged foods in various stores.

If you are a health-conscious consumer, you would not eat sugary cereals, pastries,and bagels for breakfast. But still, you have a lot of better options which would suit your convenience and also nutritious at the same time.

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