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Travel and Wellness – The Buzz Word of Present Era

There was an era when taking vacations was the luxury of a few. Only the rich could afford the money and the time to take a break and go off exploring. Then came a time when trips were planned religiously for every year. Every class took the pains to save time and money to have at least one vacation. These breaks were about relaxing and getting away from quotidian life. Today, the thought process has evolved further. People still travel to unexplored places zealously, but they do so with the mind to promote health and happiness.

Pithily said travel is all about wellness for this generation. So, what does wellness travel entail? It is taking trips to places that encourage the wellbeing of a person. Health is kept at the top of the priority list. To achieve the same, people take part in activities.

Mr. Joseph of www.riverdayspa.com/vellore/, one of the leading luxury spas in Vellore, has quoted – “Wellness travel helps to be in better mental and physical health at the end of the vacation as compared to the start of it. It also promotes personal well being.”

A man meditating at an yoga retreat and feeling relaxed.What makes a wellness retreat?

Hear about hiking trips? Listening about people taking holidays to learn surfing? Wondering why luxury spas like Riverday Spa have become so popular lately? Thinking about the chatter around yoga retreats? These are all examples of wellness travel. Each one of them starting from hiking and ending at a personal spa are activities that benefit the health of a person. These are trips that let you have paybacks long after the last day of the break. The benefits continue to help you even when we start posting throwback pics on Instagram.

Why chose a wellness vacation?

First of all, there is nothing wrong with wishing to lie on talcum powder sands and sipping a margarita. You can do that too if that is the break your brain and body needs. But people are preferring travel that focuses on health because it is a gift that keeps on giving. The trip not only brings adventure to life but makes the soul rejuvenate and the mind a better place.

Second of all, wellness holidays can be as opulent as you want them to be. There are many, many five-star options out there who emphasise on making the vacationer fitter and healthier.

The days when health was about living in spartan facilities with limited amenities have been left behind. A better body is not about eating bland food that leeches all happiness from life. A perfect example is Riverday Spa; they immerse you in luxury with as many or as little restrictions as you need.

This type of travel has become the fastest growing sector in tourism. Surprisingly, it is not a new concept. People have been doing it for ages. The only difference is that earlier it was all about enforced exercises and strict diets, and now it is about making a person more comfortable. So, what are you waiting for? Believe us there is a wellness holiday package out there somewhere that suits your fitness goals.

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