Mosque built in Persian Architecture, with beautiful painting on the glass doors and windows, the architechtural designs giving a royal look.

Art, Architecture & Design– The Connection & Missing Link

For the present generation professional, art, architecture and design have become three elements that live in a symbiotic relationship. The links between the three have been forged in inextricable bounds. While the association may be balanced entirely for some, the truth is that it is missing a vital piece. The technical authority of engineering, an overriding part of design and architecture, is been given less and less importance. It is the external appearance that has begun to matter more than engineering which has led to a mismatched equation.

A overview sample of architectural design on a sheet to demonstrate the design of an industrial structure.Why do we say that this symbiosis between art, architecture, and design is not indeed so? The fundamental reason is the absence of engineering. It is this element that offers exceptional attention to detail. When those details go missing, components stop working in a coherent manner. It is the little things that ensure a whole of a project, even when they are not visible from the surface. Frankly said engineering warrants that wall seams are balanced and window stress point are in alignment.

When things like these are overlooked, when features like these are taken for granted and when they are misunderstood to emphasise on design and art, the value diminishes. The comfort to the building is gone because the equilibrium between non-function and function is haywire. It is engineering that is the fundament of Art + Design + Architecture. Yes, even in the age of technology and software, it is a vital piece. The wise thing to do, right now, is to go back to the basics.

Mr. Pradeep, A Chief Architect working at tells us how engineering element is important in industrial architecture. He quoted saying – “No matter how much advancement state of the art applications and software may make in architecture, No matter how much creativity is breathed into art and design, Structures can only be functional and habitable when essential engineering element are confronted, considered and implemented.”

Yes, we know that design and art part of the architecture is progressing at a supernova pace. Yet, it is essential to remember that the nature of things should not The fan-shaped canopy of the Gare de Lyon Saint-Exupéry, Lyon airport is the most notable architectural feature.	be forgotten. The physical properties of materials can’t be neglected.

We take this understanding a step further. Our comprehension of the principles of art, design, and architecture including engineering will turn out to be indispensable in the near future. As the links between the three become near indivisible, the core will be imperative. If we want our buildings and structures to be practical and comfortable while being merely stunning, the concepts have to be crystal clear. Only then will they meet both the physical and psychological requirements of people.

We have to stop giving so much attention to the external appearance of a building. We have to cease defining every project of architecture on the basis of art alone. We have to desist focusing only on design. We have to begin treating the three equally with a fourth element included, i.e., engineering.

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