Importance of Arts in Education for Kids

It is important to include arts in school curriculum,especially for kids. Theatre, art,and music have been excluded from curriculum in recent years. It is no doubt that kids enjoy art. It offers a lot of fun and entertainment for kids. It is awesome to use some finger paints, create a lovely picture and hang on the refrigerator. It is an exhilarating feel to act in a Shakespeare play. The arts helps the kids to establish themselves on various fundamental levels.

1. Creativity: Most people assume that creative arts and crafts works are waste of time and a no-brainer task. The arts help the kids to show themselves better than science or maths. During the arts program, the child would develop a painting representing their memory or create a new rhythm so as to improve another piece of music or recite a speech in different ways. If the child is able to think creatively, it is possible to easily do all these naturally. It remains important for their future career.

2. Enhanced academic performance: Remember, the art would not only enhance the child’s creativity, but it also helps them to obtain skills that remain helpful for them in academic achievement. Young kids who remain active in arts are said to have high chances for academic achievement. If they are spending weekly three days on arts and crafts for about one year, you can see lot of changes and improvements in their academics.

3. Motor skills: It remains relevant for younger kids. Theywould love to play an instrument or do artworks most part of the day. Certain easy activities like drawing with a crayon or holding the paintbrush remain as a significant element for the development of fine motor skills in a child. As perthe National Institutes of Health, the child’s developmental milestones of about age 3 is, they should draw a circle and start to hold and use safety scissors. By the age of 4, they should have started to cut straight lines using scissors and draw a square.

4. Confidence: The confidence of the child usually develops as they master a subject. As they master to do any arts or crafts, they get the confidence to do things on own. It clearly proves how participation in the arts remains special for them. When a child enters the stage and sing, it gives them a chance to be out of their comfort zone. When they improve and witness their own developments, their self-confidence also grows.

5. Visual learning: Visual learning remains important especially for young kids. Sculpting, painting,and drawing during art class help the kids to cultivate visual-spatial skills. It is important for children to understand more about the world. They should know that there are several things apart from the numbers and text they see in the books. The art education teaches kids about how to criticize, interpret, and make use of visual information and also how to options depending on it.

6. Decision making: It also helps in strengthening critical thinking and decision making skills.

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